Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sorta steampunky

(click for higher-res)

This is either the best or the worst thing I've drawn in a while.

I swear, this started off just as caricature practice. I wanted to work on drawing faces, but once I was done with the head, I started on the collar... and I really like drawing clothing now so I started on the vest... then I made an awesomely big arm and was gonna cut off his lower body, but legs can be kinda fun to draw... and I thought, I oughta start adding backgrounds to my pieces (Rad's suggestion)... so I went ahead and did this whole thing.

I tried copying multiple artists for this piece. The body proportions I got from the wonderful characters of Team Fortress 2, I love how their arms don't taper into tiny hands (which I see far too often). The line quality and coloring style I got from Sonny Liew whose work I discovered from the Flight series. And finally, the city in the background was inspired by... well anyone who has drawn neat cities, really. Artists like Kazu Kibuishi and Juanjo Guarnido do amazing jobs, but I referred mainly to Jake Parker and Rad Sechrist (also Shorby's awesome pictures). Note that this was an ATTEMPT to imitate their styles, but, uh, can't say it was completely fruitful.

At least I can add this to my completed pieces!



  1. Thanks! I personally don't really like the color palette, makes me want to throw up a little.