Friday, August 19, 2011

Time To Refuel

Quick sketch! 

(Does 45 minutes count as "quick"?)

I should probably link my reference material.

DUDE YOU, did you know today was my last day of summer?! BECAUSE I DIDN'T until I remembered like an hour ago.

This summer was... awesome! Letsee if I did everything I wanted to do (according to my Summer Resolutions post, which I haven't looked at since I typed it...)

  • Red Bull Soap Box Race - Yes
  • Renaissance Fair - Yes
  • Road Trip - Yes
  • New website design - Uhhh yes, and detour'd yes.
  • Make business cards - Yes (they turned out awesome)
  • Two comics - Um... 10% yes? I started working on my first one but only got a few pages thumbnailed. It takes a lot longer than I thought it would (and I thought it would take a long time), even with the simple characters I got.
  • Retrobud - Nope
  • Machine of Death submission - Nope
  • Vacuum my room - AH I'll try to do that today.
  • Animated short - Nope. I halted production about a few days after I announced I was going to do it. I think I'll take Intro to 2D this semester first...
  • Other random drawings - Yeap! Not too many, but some is better than none.
  • Read some HP Lovecraft - Oh yeah... nope.
  • Movie nights - Had a couple, YEAH!!
  • Concept Design Academy - Yes (took up a lot of my summer I think)
  • XC Retreat - Yes
  • SD Comic-Con - Yes

Out of the 16 bullets on that list, I completed about 10 - and with a vacuuming today, that number may very well turn into 11. Granted I did do a bunch of other stuff other than just those on the list (I didn't even mention work), but of the things I posted at the beginning of summer, I think I did a good amount.

I done good.


Must... prepare... brain... for... classrooms...

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