Monday, September 5, 2011

Chuck + Mini coloring tut

Chuck fanart!

The piece up there took about 2 weeks of procrastination until I could finish it (albeit I wouldn't tout it as one of my better pieces, but it's bloggable). I think sometimes I try too hard to get the likeness of real people that it ends up looking less like the person than if I didn't try so hard.

I gotta practice not practicing then? Wait that's not right.

Anyway, I wanted to talk about a new coloring style I used for this piece. I always wondered how animation industry artists colored their pieces, ie. the quick character pieces without outlines except in choice places. And, uh, I guess technically I could ask... but I haven't gotten around to that. SO, I've been experimenting. And I've come up with this one method. So here is Kevin's coloring method at this moment in time that could change, like, tomorrow:

Step 1: Sketch out whatever.
Step 2: Add lineart to whatever. Avoid inking large spaces of black.
Step 3: Color it like normal. Normal, as in lineart on one layer, color beneath it, use magic wand if necessary.
Step 4: Add another layer above the lineart and have it mask the lineart layer. (To mask: Alt+Click between layers)
Step 5: Color the mask layer, thereby coloring just the lines. Use the same colors as the color layer to color the lines, UNLESS it is NOT on the outer edge of the figure. In that case, color it a few shades darker for clarity.
Step 6: Clean it up blah blah and you're done!

I hope this helps someone out there, even if that "someone" is just me in the future. And if this seems like simple, common sense stuff to you, then, uh... TOO BAD! YOU READ IT ANYWAY!!

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