Sunday, September 25, 2011

Engine diver

These pieces are really fun for so many reasons (well, 3):

  • The subject matter is super fly. (Pun.) For this one I mixed Da Vinci wings with some modern plane and car parts, so it's like steampunk without the steam. Plus, fantasy is the greatest!
  • It requires a good amount of improvisation, so I really don't know what I'm gonna have by the end. I only decided to put Da Vinci wings near the end of drawing this. I'm also constantly thinking of what to add and where to put it. 
  • I get a lot out of it in terms of "studying" - I'm more familiar with engine parts, and I (think I) learn more about the human figure, specifically how the cloth reacts to the body (albeit there isn't much cloth stuff going on here).

And that's what I think about that.

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