Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"Upside Down Smile" sneak preview!

A few months ago I began working on a mini-mini-comic. It started off being 10 pages, but has extended to a MIND-BLOWING 13 PAGES!.. I'd been working on it on and off, and finally I have something to show!

It's called The Boy With The Upside Down Smile. Here are the first 3 pages penciled in.

All the pages will be inked and colored, and hopefully I can distribute it during the CTN Animation Expo next month. EXCITING.


  1. HAHAHA i enjoyed immensely. Just sorta some times I got confused whether he was supposed to be smiling or frowning. I had a question, if he has upside down smileyness disease, shouldn't his eyes express his emotions too? so he has a smile on his face but frowning eyebrows. just wondering! please give me a copy of the inked one too! :D

  2. Haha that confusion is good! My intentions were to confuse the reader and have contradicting images throughout the story.

    As for the eyes thing, I purposely designed the character to have no (or not-commonly-occurring) eyebrows so not a lot of emotion could be shown in the eyes. That way his emotions are blatantly read as either just happy or sad. A frown with raised eyebrows could come off as impressed or interested.