Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy _________ Day!

Possible blank fill ins:

Black Fri

For example, happy birthday Christina! (My big sis.) I drew that caricature of her, and while I don't think I really nailed the likeness, or really pushed it as far as I could've, this is way better than anything I could've done like a month ago.

Thanks to...

The Mad Art of Caricature, by Tom Richmond (I guess this would be a good time to plug it...)

It's a great book! Nigh, AMAZING in terms of what you can learn from it for caricature. It taught me exactly what I wish I knew, which was how to recognize features of the face. I'm only half way done with the book but I already highly recommend it - not just for caricature artists, but for those who want to learn how to draw great looking faces.

And no, Tom Richmond didn't pay me to type this up (but if he's reading this right now, I decline the declination of any offer.) The personalization in the book didn't sway my opinion at all.

And that is totally authentic! It's not like I requested he put "a super cool person" as part of my name when I was ordering the book online. That would be absurd. And I am anything BUT absurd! In a manner that Young Justice Dick Grayson would butcher words, I am totally bsurd.

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