Sunday, November 27, 2011


It's the Tonight Show, with Jay Leno!! This actually only took a almost 3 hours, which is fast in Kevin time.

Turkey Break is finally over... I had a to-do list for the week, and I don't think I really got to any of it except that calendar pic up there. At least now I can finally cross it off my--... waaaiiit THIS WASN'T EVEN ON MY TO-DO LIST!? WHAT....... Do you realize how unproductive I feel if I can't check this off my todo list!? Where is my sense of accomplishment?? What work, can I say, has been yielded, without the comfort of poking it grey on my iPhone??? IT'S LIKE I DID NOTHING TODAY.

Oh well, 3 more weeks of school before I completely check out! BRING IT AAHHHN


  1. haha, "Kevin time" - that made me lol actually~
    3 more weeks for me too! ~Good luck with all your works!

  2. Thanks Lauren! Good luck with all your works too!!