Sunday, January 29, 2012

It's a shark spy!

For my 3D modeling class we had to create our own character to model. I don't think I've ever had such a freeing assignment as just "create your own character". THIS IS EXCITING. I thought I'd share what I got.

The first 2 drawings are from other stories I thought of a while back. The guy with the arms coming out of his back has a, uh, complicated story, so I'll spare the details. The pregnant looking lady was based around a woman "who only has super powers when she's pregnant". I thought that was funny enough to mention here, but the kinda funny like "why did I even write this idea down?!"

Then I thought "OKAY WHAT IF... there was a shark. And he was a secret agent like James Bond." So I went from there! I tried other sea creatures (haha blob fish...) but the shark was my favorite.

I ended up going with the design on the 4th page (the large upper left drawing). In case you're wondering, he smokes a cigar in his left set of gills, and he has a remora for a bowtie (which he occasionally talks to when he has troubles). I'll give more backstory later.

Any character design feedback or suggestions or praise would be appreciated, I don't have to turn this guy around till Thursday.

P.S. All 3 of my art classes this semester want me to create my own character. HOW AWESOME IS THAT...

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