Sunday, January 22, 2012

"Tripwire" in the works

Telly model sheet

Last summer I became a member of the Armed Wish a Camera Fellowship, part of the LA based organization Visual Communications. They have been helping me make a short film through workshops and monetary means. My short film is animated, and it will premiere in the LA Asian Pacific Film Festival in May this year. (If you're reading this before May, you should totally come to watch it.)

I'm working with a bunch of awesome artists from CSUFullerton, so this is more or less a CSUF production. Our goal is to have the film finished by the end of March, but it probably won't reach the web until many months later, after it goes through the whole "film festival run" (however that works).


The animated short is called "Tripwire", and it explores the imaginary scenario of Alexander Graham Bell creating a tiny messenger robot instead of a telephone. To be honest we don't have a whole lot of concept art, but I'll post what I can on this blog (seeing as how my team objected to the idea of an actual Tripwire production blog :( ). (Maybe I have an obsession with blogs, I'm pretty certain I've made more than 10.)

Our main character is named "Telly", here's his run cycle I just finished!

Look out for the film this Spring. More updates to come later!