Saturday, March 10, 2012

An animated life drawing session

A couple weeks ago I got the idea to draw inbetweens for all of my life drawing poses, and a couple days ago I finally got around to it!

This was more of a drawing experiment to see if it could be done, and it more or less worked! And seeing how this is an experiment, here are the results:
  • It's really fun.
  • It's really really tiring.
  • When I do this again I'll spend the first 2 hours on the poses and the last hour working on the keyframes. That being said it'll probably be half the length of what I just posted.

And uh... YEAH! If you do your own, post it and let me see :)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Apple and Facebook WANT OUR LIVES

A mini article I typed up on my Tumblr. I wanted to post it here but would be remiss to not include a little drawing.

Apple and Facebook are both changing their user interactivity to become an integral part of our lives. One via the new OSX Mountain Lion, the other via the Timeline.
Mountain Lion’s interface is incredibly similar to the OS of an iPhone/iPad. Apple knows we depend on our phones, not only for calling, but to keep track of our lives. Now with Mountain Lion, they’re integrating todo lists, agendas, and notifications, across all of their devices. The ability to sync all that information is invaluable, and by having such access to the digital thoughts and reminders we record, we consumers will tend to depend more on their products. What we have to accomplish today will be determined by what our iPhone, iPad, or now our laptop tells us.
Facebook is slowly converting everyone to use their Timeline interface for one reason: they want to be our digital life. When you switch to Timeline, they want you to fill out information starting from when you were born. Their ultimate goal is to be everyone’s individual history book. Facebook already know many people post about their lives nearly every day. So by switching to Timeline, it becomes more than just social experience, but rather a digital record of everything we’ve done. It’s the fact that it’s a “Timeline” that our mind subconciously sees it as the sequence of events of our own lives. And by pouring so much information into this record, it would be even more difficult to part with it.
So by being an essential part of our everyday agendas and a defining aggregate of our individual history, Apple and Facebook are aiming to secure a permanent place in our daily lives. And it just might be working.