Saturday, March 10, 2012

An animated life drawing session

A couple weeks ago I got the idea to draw inbetweens for all of my life drawing poses, and a couple days ago I finally got around to it!

This was more of a drawing experiment to see if it could be done, and it more or less worked! And seeing how this is an experiment, here are the results:
  • It's really fun.
  • It's really really tiring.
  • When I do this again I'll spend the first 2 hours on the poses and the last hour working on the keyframes. That being said it'll probably be half the length of what I just posted.

And uh... YEAH! If you do your own, post it and let me see :)


  1. I'm really diggin' that foot swipe!!

    Once again, awesome idea 8D

  2. Ohhh nice- I shall try this when I go to life drawing next time.

  3. @Christina: Thanks, I like the weird food swipe too...
    @Whitney: YEAH DOOO IIIIITTT just be prepared to draw non-stop.
    @Garrett: Thanks Garrett!!

  4. hahaha, sweeet! i want to do this, too....but, i'm too lazy. haha.

  5. @Davin: You should totally do this!! Yeah it takes some energy but it's totally worth it, at least once :)