Monday, May 21, 2012


I... have a dream. That one day. It would be summer.


Okay sometimes my dreams aren't very ambitious. But the amount of work I aim to accomplish *is*!! I gave a list last year of what I plan to work on over the summer, and this year I will do the same. For you. Because you want to read to this. You want to know what I'm doing. #supliminalmessages

But before I get into that, I plan to do what's called the


It's simple: Starting tomorrow (Monday), my summer break is 14 weeks (till last week of August). For EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THOSE DAYS, I will draw something. Something cool, possibly crappy, but something I can put online. I'll put that drawing on my Twitter, or if it's *super fly*, I'll post it here.

I know drawing something every day isn't that big of a woop for some awesome artists, but I am not yet one of those "awesome artists", so this is, indeed, a very big woop for me. I really hope to get into the habit of drawing every single (freakin) day of my life until I die, or until my hand falls off. I'm can just be really bad at keeping good habits, AND THAT CHANGES NOW. I encourage you guys to follow this challenge too, or do your own.

My drawings will be posted daily on my twitter account, @keviokevioFollow me, yo. I'll give you a box of chocolates, an awesome corvette, and/or just gratitude.

And now, to help me complete the 14 week SUPER FLY DRAWING CHALLENGE, I have a multitude of projects I aim to work on. The theme of this summer is "CREATE CREATE CREATE CREATE". Normally it would just be three "CREATES", but I gotta create more than that.

List of stuff I gotta do this summer:

Make things!!:

  • Begin development for an animated short I'll make in the Fall (script, animation tests, concept art, research)
  • Start working on a webcomic I also plan to release in the Fall (including making the website?)
  • Make ONE T-Shirt design
  • Muggies (a tentative name for a entrepreneurial project I want to develop)
  • Use Maya to: A) model a lil remora chracter, B) animate at least one thing, C) rig gun I modeled, D) model monster for animated short... maybe.
  • Make a trailer for Telly
  • Do studies from my favorite artists
  • Update portfolio website and resume
  • Make a collaboration writing blog?

Aritsts Imma study from:

  • Rob Guillory
  • Nick Carver
  • Jen Wang
  • Cory Loftis
  • Steven Silver
  • Glen Keane
  • David Colman

Oh snap, 7 artists... One artist a day?!.. yeah... I'd suggest you check all of them out because they draw exactly how I want to draw. Hopefully I'll spend at least an hour or two for each day I study these artists, I can use it as warm up.


  • After Effects for animation? If I have time??
  • The human figure via Concept Design Academy classes - Analyticial Figure Drawing with Kevin Chen YEAH!!


  • Move out (get my very first apartment :) )
  • Learn stick shift (to use my dad's truck to move things to my apartment...)
  • Play videogames I've been meaning to to play for a long time (I'm looking at you, Uncharted 3.)
  • Do something aerial - skydive? hot air balloon? Something.
  • Do cool stuff like go-karting or paintballing or bush mazing or go to a shooting range
  • Uhhh renew my passport...
  • Read a book - Ender's Game? Or Outliers?
  • Learn more words
  • Watch as many movies as I can (DARK KNIGHT WHAT)

To avoid my failure of last summer of not completing everything, I HAVE A SCHEDULE THIS TIME that I am making up on the spot. Hopefully my days of work will last between 8 and 12 hours. And just to be clear, below is just a reorganization of the lists above. So....... here it is (subject to change):

  • Study: Rob Guillory
  • Project: New animated short
  • Project 2: Portfolio website

  • Study: Nick Carver
  • Project: Review CDA stuff

  • Study: Jen Wang
  • Project: Webcomic

  • Study: Cory Loftis
  • Project: Maya stuff
  • Project 2: Portfolio website

Friday - Miscellaneous day 1
  • Study: Steven Silver
  • Possible projects: Muggies, promote Telly, shirt design - just preferably anything NOT worked on Mon-Thurs.
  • Or: Catch up on work
  • Attend CDA class

Saturday - Miscellaneous day 2
  • Study: Glen Keane
  • Work on anything! Mainly stuff I didn't get to earlier that week, or other stuff I really wanna work on. Just work all day.

Sunday - Rest day
  • Study: David Colman
  • Update my blog with my art this week.
  • Work on stuff if you want, but try not to work more than 5 hours.
  • Today would be a good day to binge on videogames or movies :)

Better to have too much stuff to do rather than too little!! (Well maybe not, but I just keep telling myself this.) (Also note that doesn't include a joke: this schedule is separate from the 14 week challenge.)

This... is why I've been so psyched for summer :')

Now I challenge you to beat me in the amount of stuff YOU'RE doing this summer!! HUHAH!!... but really, it would be awesome if you did more than me. Be more productive. I want to be outdone. The great part about not being the best is knowing that there's someone better than you. Yeah, sounds a little backwards, but knowing that I have so much more left to work toward makes me feel good. Being the best in a class does nothing but boost your ego. Being the worst makes you work harder. To be frank, I think I can be pretty awesome, but if I know I can be even MORE awesome, I'm reassured that all my efforts toward becoming a better person/artist can be met with reward. I can appreciate how far I've gone, but knowing that countless other people have gone further than me proves how much am capable of growing.

Yeah. That last paragraph was good. Imma read it again cuz this is one of those times where actually I like my writing.

Now where's the pencil in YOUR hand? Why aren't you typing away at your epic novel right now?? How come your brain isn't barfing ideas into your sketchbook?!?! Stop reading my blog! Make your own weekly schedule!! Make your own list of aspirations!! CREATE CREATE CREATE CREATE.


  1. Dude this is awesome Kevin, totally read all of it lolz! I wanna do a lot of stuff this summer too, i just feel weird posting it cuz 1 i dunno if people will read it, and 2 if they do.... what if i don't do everything i said? lolz! anyways good luck on this Kevin!! and I hope to maybe get at least half the stuff you do, accomplished as well :D

  2. KEVIN I LOVE THIS. Can I have a shirt when you make one?! :D Also, epic novel challenge accepted, haha :D THANKS FOR THE INSPIRATION!

  3. @Jasmine: Thanks for reading all of it haha. Yeah there's a chance I won't do everything I said, but at least writing all of it down I can get some, if not MOST of the things done. And that's something!

    @Whitney: Thank you~~

    @M.B.: WELL MAYBE I LOVE YOU!.. Haha thanks, and yess you may have a shirt when it's done, I'm glad I inspired you :)