Sunday, May 6, 2012

Telly's completion and first screening!!

My upcoming animated short Telly is... COMPLETE. I just want to hug someone.

If you've been sleeping under a rock (or just haven't been around me for the past few months), I've spent the last half year collaborating with a group of artists at CSUF, working on this animated short named Telly. We worked all of our butts off to complete this 5 minute short inbetween our classes, and now it's done!

Here's the synopsis I've been copy and pasting everywhere:
What if instead of the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell invented the very first messenger robot? This animated short follows the story of a late 19th century robot named Telly, traveling through town to deliver a message. But with his back magnetically charged, this robot might attract more attention in this new world than he had originally intended.

You can catch the official screening of Telly at this year's LA Asian Pacific Film Festival, screening on Sunday, May 13th.

Buy tickets here:

Here's a low-res version of the postcard as proof that this is too legit to quit.

But you want to watch it right now, you say? TOO BAD, SUCKA!! Just kidding. But not really. It'll go publicly online some time in the future (probably a few months from now), but not while it's making it's festival run. But that's exciting though! Never had a finished film run through any kinds of festivals - this is a first!

This past semester has been pretty crazy so I haven't been able to spend time on my blog, but the school year will be over in just a couple weeks. And when summer comes, oh ho ho, I have a butt load of projects ready to poop on your face. And when I say "poop on", I mean "dazzle you with"!! But when I say "dazzle you with", I unfortunately still mean "poop on" :(

That's all the news I have for now! Go watch Telly, screening at a festival near you*!!

* - Only near if you're in LA.

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