Sunday, August 5, 2012

Telly Update #...2?

I don't really update my blog with Telly stuff too much nowadays, so, well, now you get this post.

Film Festivals

I've submitted to the following SO FAR:

  • Ottawa Animation Film Fest*
  • Aesthetica Shorts Fest*
  • SoDak Animation Film Fest
  • Sundance Film Fest
  • My Hero Short Film Fest

The asterisks mean Telly did not make it into those festivals, no asterisks means I'm still waiting to hear back. One of these days maybe I'll have a symbol for Telly being accepted :') More festivals to come!! (Not too many more.)

3 screenshots!! 

This is exciting if you have not yet seen the film.

ooOOOoohh mysteries abound!! What's going on!! Where is Telly going?!?! (Again, exciting if you have not yet seen the film.) (Although I'm sure you can get excited about these pics even if you have seen the film.) (That would just be, uh, kinda weird.) (Or maybe not! I don't mean to offend!)

Graphic Telly

I turned Telly's head into a graphic symbol soI can... put it on random stuff. If anyone was an extra blank rubber stamp pad let me know haha. As of right now I'm not sure what I'm gonna do with it. It's like a logo for an imaginary Telly brand. But I think it looks nice. So here.


Ask Telly

Finally, Telly has his open Tumblr where you can ask him questions. Or if you're lazy, just read the questions he's already answered!! They're fun to write-- I MEAN fun to watch Telly write.

Go ask a question now! DO IT. Click here and do it.


I'd like to give a shout out to the awesome crew who made Telly possible. It was composed of students from CSUF and BEYOND!!! (in no particular order)

Rachel Buecheler:
Jasmine Goggins:
Jasmine Tanner:
Eddie Mendoza:
Mike Pacheco:
Whitney Tang:
James Lien:
Patricia Pham:
Samantha Gray:
Eric Lee:
Tyler Gregory:
...and Vincent Chang and Alan Tsim

Good thing most of them have sites I can link to. All this talent combined, it's like The Avengers :') but not really at all.

Yeaup!! Telly pride. Represent. That's all for now. Eat your vegetables. Don't do drugs. Long live Telly.


  1. oh can you make a sticker decal of dat Telly head?? Id put it on my car if you did!! also I really hope it gets into more festivals! woot for submitting!! :D

    1. Thanks Jasmine! Yeah I'm considering making a Telly decal. If I do you'll be the first to know!