Sunday, September 16, 2012

5 concepts

I rarely do concept paintings, but when I do, I prefer Photoshop with textured brushes.

Below are 5 different concepts I was assigned to create for my PreProduction class at CSUF. I included a description under each one, some of them more, uh, developed, than others.

Robots in jungles. I'm thinking the robots have to blend into their environment, almost like Transformers + Predator + ...Samurai Jack. Or something. This was inspired by the comic Atomic Robo.


This is a character-animation driven piece in the style of a Gobelins Annecy 1-minute short. It follows a guy who wakeboards atop the clouds, dragged by a giant whale-like creature. (There's a story in there I'll probably disclose later.)


Fat dude traveling in the desert on spider legs. That's all I got.


This story is about a guy going to work, but instead of the elevator taking him up to the floor of his mundane job, it takes him down. And down. And down. With no signs of stopping. There's only one other mysterious figure standing in the elevator as our main character loses his sanity from the unknown.


Space is awesome! So this concept is about a fight scene atop of a spaceship.

We have to choose one concept for the class, and I'm pretty sure I'm choosing my second concept with the cloud wakeboarder. Although I love to see any of my ideas brought to life, so feel free to steal any of these for your own creative expression. Just not the second one. Or else I will crush your jugular.

Note to self, end every blog post with a threat. Yeah.