Sunday, November 11, 2012

Telly Update No. 3

HEY. I just realized, this is the only place I talk about Telly online in my own voice - everything else is in Telly's little voice on his FB page. That little guy! So adorable!! (Disclaimer: Contrary to a multitude of digital presentations, I am not schizophrenic.)

So here's Telly update #3!
  • Telly screened at the CSU Media Arts Festival this past Saturday!! It was awesome. People enjoyed it. My friends came out to support. It was a great night. Plus, Telly won second place in the animation category!! Maybe if I had put Telly in the holocaust the film could've gotten first. Next time.
  • Telly was accepted in the My Hero International Film Festival! (If you're keeping count at home, that's festival number four.) It will screen online on "", and they might play it at an official screening thing at USC in December. So potentially, that would be great.
  • I'm looking to get funding help to submit Telly to even MORE festivals!!  \(($-$)/ beep bop cha ching
  • Every Telly Update I'll add one or two screenshots from the film. So here ya go.

Man I talk almost as much as Telly.

Like Telly on FB!! Read what he has to say in his little robot voice \((O-o)/

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