Sunday, December 16, 2012

Subject No. 1 sampler

NanoRover Log 24

It always surprises me what objects SubNo is willing to chew on. First it was the poisonous roots, then it was every single rock we passed in the forest, and now his most prized possession, the "Tremblem". I mean, cmon! That could've cut his mouth!! Blood spewing everywhere! Is he just too unaware of the potential consequences that could follow wrapping one's mouth around a diamond so sharp?? I know I shouldn't yell at the fellow, he didn't know any better, it's just frustrating always keeping track of him.

This lack of knowledge for inherent danger is just another one of his traits also seen in babies. That's it. SubNo is just a load of baby-traits. I hope there aren't anymore - I am not cleaning up a thing.

ANNOUNCEMENT!!: I am making a webcomic.

This is old news for some, but new news for exactly 4 people. (You just might be one of those 4!) Here is the premise of my comic Subject No. 1:
Subject No. 1 is a webcomic by Kevin Lam schedule for release early next year. The story follows a microscopic organism known as Subject No. 1. He is accompanied by a microscopic nanorobot, remotely controlled by a scientist named Daniel Planck. The two go on adventures exploring an artificial brain, and Daniel Planck's observations of SubNo1 are recorded in a log book that is displayed in conjunction with the comic.
So basically, my comic is a regular adventure/comedy-filled comic, but to get the most out of it, you gotta read the journal log too (as shown above).

Subject No. 1 will launch near the end of January 2013.