Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Telly is online! WATCH IT NOW!!

"Telly", the animated short I toiled on for almost a year, is now up online for you to enjoy!!

Here's the synopsis:

What if instead of the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell invented the very first messenger robot? This animated short follows the story of a late 19th century robot named Telly, traveling through town to deliver a message. But with his back magnetically charged, this robot might attract more attention in this new world than he had originally intended.
Telly has been in 4 film festivals around the nation (possibly more to come), and I just recently submitted it to the New York Society of Illustrators competition for the animation category. I'll hear back from them in the weeks to come.

If anyone has any questions about completing a short animated film during school outside of school, feel free to ask! In short, it's a helluva lot of work. Helluva lotuva workuva, so you'va gottuva lovita.

Enjoy the film!

Show your friends!

"Lookit what my friend did. It's called Telly."

Then hit em with https://vimeo.com/58347220

That's it!

Just send the link! And run!

I directed, produced, wrote, edited and animated for Telly, but I couldn't have finished it with the awesome help from a few artists from Cal State Fullerton. Dear animation world, if you're looking for artists, I give you permission to hire the following...

Directer, Producer, Writer: Kevin Lam
Animators: Whitney Tang, Patricia Pham, Mike Pacheco, Samantha Gray, Jasmine Tanner
Composer: Vincent Wei Hsin Chang
Sound Design: Tyler Gregory
Background Painter: Eddie Mendoza
Clean up Artists: Rachel Buecheler, Jasmine Goggins, Alan Tsim
Colorists: Whitney Tang, Patricia Pham, Rachel Buecheler, Jasmine Goggins
Additional Coloring: Samantha Gray, Jasmine Tanner
Additional Art: Eric Lee, James Lien, Eddie Mendoza
Special Thanks: Chuck Grieb, Alice Herring, Michael Fan, Cal State University Fullerton, Visual Communications

Like the FB page too!

What's next?

  • CG animations!
  • A traditionally hand-drawn animated short!
  • A card game?!
  • A webcomic!! Subject No. 1!! (Launching next week...)

Stay tuned. Because Telly... IS JUST THE BEGINNING.........

\((O-o)/ boops.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Heads up to 2013

Some art for the new year! This was a gift to my sister for her birthday / Christmas gift.

A couple heads up I'll announce (TANGENT: What's the plural form of "heads up"? Is it "heads ups"? "Head ups"? "Heads upses"? "Up heads"? "Headsies upsies"? Just "head up"? Or is "heads up" already plural? This heads-upping is upsetting, my academic education has never given any headular upsides to this dilemma.):

  • Telly, my animated film about a 19th century messenger robot, will be released online very, very soon. I'll post it here first, and also on the Telly FB page.
  • Subject No. 1, my webcomic about a microscopic organism and his nanobot companion, will launch later this month. If you're reading this AFTER it's launched, GO READ IT NOW!! It's at http://www.subno1.com.

A new year ahead means 365 more days to draw. Go make art!!!!