Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Heads up to 2013

Some art for the new year! This was a gift to my sister for her birthday / Christmas gift.

A couple heads up I'll announce (TANGENT: What's the plural form of "heads up"? Is it "heads ups"? "Head ups"? "Heads upses"? "Up heads"? "Headsies upsies"? Just "head up"? Or is "heads up" already plural? This heads-upping is upsetting, my academic education has never given any headular upsides to this dilemma.):

  • Telly, my animated film about a 19th century messenger robot, will be released online very, very soon. I'll post it here first, and also on the Telly FB page.
  • Subject No. 1, my webcomic about a microscopic organism and his nanobot companion, will launch later this month. If you're reading this AFTER it's launched, GO READ IT NOW!! It's at

A new year ahead means 365 more days to draw. Go make art!!!!