Monday, February 4, 2013

My Mug

Why is a face called a "mug"?? How does that make sense? I decline to initiate a Google search so my mind can wander about a 14th century pacific island tribe whose domestic miscreants fall victim to a torturous decapitation, followed by a flushing of said head's bodily innards through the once vocal chords that may no longer be used to cry in agony, not from the pain, which in itself is excruciatingly intolerable, but from the ungodly sight of a fist grabbing a conscious mind from its assumed permanent housing and extracting any spark of a soul through the vacuum predefined to ensure death in the most explicit manner. Such an effort, which by all accounts brush not an ounce of guilt from these savage beings, is concluded by a capsizing of the deceased cap, an isolated cranium now purged of any deleterious appendages, and filling it with a multitude of intolerable liquids in an effort to intoxicate erroneous amounts of symbolic mischief and blatant gore from the flimsy apple's lid. Were it not for the nose, or objectively, the hollowed out protrusion which participants used to seize the head of their guilty victims, a righteous observer would find the object of practice less of a traditional "mug" and more of a hideous aberration not tolerable by any human soul wherein no sight in Hell lies tantamount.

Sorry I've been reading Lovecraft.

Anyway, yeah that's my self portrait! I put it all over my social media sites so you can check out the different versions. My Blogger one (on the right there) is already updated.

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P.S. I said I was going to launch my webcomic last month, then I said this week, now it may be delayed further until I get my Cintiq. Duh duh duh!