Saturday, March 2, 2013

Reel nice Dreamcrit animations

My mini bite-sized reel I submitted to the animation Dreamcrit a couple weeks ago. It's my 2nd, 3rd, and 4th animations I've ever done in Maya! YEAH!..

BONUS!!: FAA (Frequently Answered Answers):
I don't know why people don't think I do, but YES, I use Maya to animate stuff. No, I haven't used it a lot. Yes, I want to use it more. No, I don't plan to use it soon because of my tight schedule. Yes, I want to become a 3D character animator. No, I don't just use Adobe Flash. (Yes, I realize the program is the same name as my favorite super hero.) Yes, I am more familiar with Flash than Maya.  No, that does not mean I strictly do 2D stuff. Yes, I want to do 3D stuff because that's where the jobs are. No, I don't want to just do 3D either, storyboards are a possible option for me. Yes, these are a lot of questions you are asking. No, I don't believe you are actually asking them. Yes, I am filling in the blanks and just imagining you are asking me about my art. No, I don't expect you to actually ask me about my art. Yes, that does sound a little sad. No, that does not make me cry a little inside. Yes, that was a lie. No, I don't need any tissue. Yes, I want you to leave me alone now. Yes, I'm going to go over to that corner. Yes, I'm going to cry. Yes.

P.S. My work didn't get critiqued but I did get to attend the Dreamcrit. It was awesome!
P.P.S. I didn't really cry.