Saturday, April 20, 2013

Imma concept artist now! Just kidding never.


These were for my Visual Development class.

I'm an animator, not a painter! Where's the squash and stretch? Where are the IK handles? How do I adjust the graph editor? Does this come with gimbal controls? Are these the key frames? Is this on 2's? WHAT IS PAINTING?!

Guys, this stuff is hard.

Unrelated side note!
We had a slew of amazing guest artists these past few weeks at Cal State Fullerton through the Pencil Mileage Club. (Yes, a slew.) Pascal Campion did an awesome drawing of Eddie, Chris Oatley gave some great portfolio critiques, Kazu Kibuishi painted a wonderful landscape... and they all gave incredibly insightful advice about the art, passion, diligence, love, and life. It was awesome. This was a grand slam. (The metaphorical baseball kind, not the Denny's mediocre breakfast sandwich kind.)

Check out my new best friends these great artists!

Unrelated side note #2!!:
I was looking at my analytics and I'm getting some notable traffic from Germany and Russia... so for my audience over in Germany, hoffe, Sie haben einen schönen Tag, and for my Russians, надеюсь, у вас удивительный день.

And if you're just a spam bot from those countries,
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