Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mo' mo' Mayans

Here are my final character renders for my Vis Dev class at CSUF.

I also included their official formal dossiers which I have totally thought out thoroughly way before the writing of this post. Way before.

Name: Mr. Magnificent Maleficent Mayan (no relation to Sleeping Beauty villain)
Age: Thirty-somethin. Like late thirties probably
Size: Buff
Occupation: Hunter
Personality traits: Tough guy, rough guy... his face is always like "guh I'm serious"
Role in this story: Assigned to hunt down that little girl (pictured below) cuz the shaman bad guy wants to sacrifice her and her family, and this guy's just like "okay I'll follow orders" but then later on he's like "aw man it's just a little girl!" and then the rest of the story happens.

Name: Ms. Moxy Oxy Quetzalcoxy Mayan
Age: Little girl age
Size: Little girl size
Occupation: Daughter of Mayan king. That's an occupation right?
Personality traits: She's spunky and has attitude and stuff. Think Lilo from Lilo and Stitch, minus Hawaii.
Role in this story: This girl escapes sacrification (not a word) and finds all of her brothers who have turned into birds. This probably makes more sense if you know that it's based on the Seven Ravens story, a story which in itself does not make any sense.

Anyway. I learned a lot! The process I used to color these characters was unlike I've ever done before, and I'm planning to share my process in a later post.