Sunday, July 28, 2013

Cloudskipper - animated short

Oh! I animated this!

I've been so caught up with not-this video that I've forgotten to post this video. It's the animated short I'd been toiling on this past Spring semester that's left me with countless late nights, cramped hands, and abandoned pets. (Just kidding I have no pets. Well, not anymore...) (Hah. Just kidding #2.)

The Concept
This film was inspired by many of the shorts I've seen by the Gobelins, l'├ęcole de l'image*, specifically the ones they make for Annecy, specifically the second one in this set of clips. The animations they make at that place is just so beautiful. I think it's made me racist because now I believe any animation in France is, by default, amazing. My film also has many elements that I love: a big larger-than-life monster, some kind of acrobatics, snowboarding/surfing/any board sport, clouds... Honestly all it's missing is robots.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy Cloudskipper. It took 4 months to plan and 4 months to animate in Flash. I don't think I'm refining this to completion because I want to move on to other projects (CARD GAME YEAH!), which I try to mention on my FB page:

*I do not actually know French.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Who's that Pokemon..?

Last week was my first time at Anime Expo. The following was a cosplay that Jill had pointed out to me, and while it wasn't the most interesting or elaborate, it certainly had me asking a few more questions.