Saturday, September 7, 2013

What exactly is a "lam attack"?

Before we answer what a lam attack is, first we must answer... what is a lam?

This is what I hope to elaborate on in this new series, appropriately entitled "lam attack"!! The series will include short shorts showing off different ways a lam might, of course, attack. The above is just a short introduction video that defines what a "lam" is.

To further define "lam", I spent a good 2 hours or so one morning writing poetry. Because I guess that's what I do? (Note: I never really write poetry.) So here is a poem I wrote entitled...

A lam is a lam

What is a lam?
Or, what is "lam"?
You know what is a sheep.
You know what is a lamb.
But what is a lamb if a lam is a lam?

Take for a sheep, but another lamb.
Take for a lamb, but another sheep.
Take for a lam but the same as a lam.
Neither sheep nor lamb will name keep.

Let that seep
That that lam
Be no lamb
Nor no sheep

But lam is close to lamb, not true?
Without knowing lam
You already know "lam"
It is more what "I am" than a sheep or a lamb

"lamb" is written
And lamb is born
So too, just as well
As far I can tell
"lam" is written
And lam is born

One difference in lamb
One difference in lam
"Almost as one 'I am'" says the lam
One easy edit and the difference is made
Cut off what is to be
The letter that is
And at the end
You will find none

What, then, if lam be just lam,
Not "lamb",
is "lam" as a lam?

Consider the thing
It is not a word
True, as defined by one
False, as existing as one
Here is revealed something new
But what is new is reminded as old
One difference in lamb
One difference in lam
A lamb has a butt
A lam it does not

There! It lies! Both answer and lam
Another word defined by more than one
Beside you, yes, so trust
Lay or lie, lam not lamb
It must
To define it more would be for naught
We have gone it far enough
Thus "lam" is "lamb" with its end cut off
And a lamb is a lam with its end cut off

DO YOU GET IT NOW?! A LAM IS A "LAMB" WITH ITS END CUT OFF. IF THE ANIMATION WASN'T APPARENT ENOUGH THEN HOPEFULLY THE POEM WILL HELP. I don't think I was very clear when I first set up this blog a year or two ago, but this was always the definition of a lam.

But you already knew that, right?

P.S. Don't expect a lot of these animations any time soon, they're great fun to make but it's hard to squeeze in the time with school and internship and work and art club and sanity and whatnot! Bah.

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