Monday, March 31, 2014

Sir Lam-A-Bot

 If I hired myself, I'd fire myself.

I drew this "self-portrait" for the CSUF Pencil Mileage Club gallery. The original inking was inspired by Jake Parker (and I'll be the first to say I need so much more practice if I want to draw like him), and/but I was pretty happy with how it turned out. But then I colored it. And if I hired myself as a colorist, I'd fire myself as a colorist, because I think the color I added just totally washed away my ink job. The details are just so smothered in darkness. I don' like it.

So to do my drawing some justice, here is the original digitally inked uncolored version!

I'm a big sucker for ridiculous impractical sci-fi/fantasy technology. Generally they're machines that wouldn't really make much sense to invent, but are created by artists simply because they're awesome. This includes Robocop, AT-ATs, Jaegers, Telly, 3D maneuver gear, and anything of the like. The idea of a product being only practical in our imagination, with designs influenced purely by fleeting fascinations with the current culture of the time is just so silly, so dumb, yet so charming and innocent that I can't help but admire how little of the result is machine and how much of it is human.

(That made sense to me.)

Anyway, here's a bonus behind the scenes drawing that show how I tried to incorporate some absurd technology. Originally I wanted to include all the inner workings in the final piece, but I wasn't able to get it done in time for the gallery.

Case in point, the 360 Cranium Periscope uses a mirror's reflection and 2 lenses to view a battlefield from 360 degrees, and it rotates with your head. If you think about it, it would be the equivalent of looking through glasses via a pocket mirror 8 inches from your face. It doesn't make sense. But isn't that what makes it fun?