Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Ascent #002 and #003

Read this one!

Ascent #002 - Relationship building

And then this one!

Ascent #003 - Up and over

A lot of my artistic energy lately has been going into these comics, so please take a look! Follow the Tumblr here:

OOoorrrr you can follow it on the app Tapastic. What's exciting about Tapastic is that Ascent was able to reach a wider audience, and thus has been able to garner a large following! It currently has 3.1k subscribers, was featured the app's front page, and was also features as a staff pick, a "trending" comic, and a "popular" comic. The support is overwhelming and flattering at the same time, and I'm very, very thankful.

So here's the link to Ascent on Tapastic (download it to your phone, too!):

Episode 4 will be posted Monday, so be sure to follow THOSE sites because lam attack will only be updated occasionally with Ascent comics.